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President Calvin Coolidge was the first to light the National Christmas Tree in 1923. The tree was a 48 foot tall balsam fir from Coolidge's home state of Vermont. In 1938, President Richard Nixon received so many letters protesting the fact that every year a beautiful new tree was cut and brought to Washington that he had a Colorado spruce brought to the White House to become the permanent National Christmas Tree. Sadly, that tree withered and died within a few years and was replaced soon after.

Fun facts:

  • The Christmas tree was popularized by Queen Victoria and the famous books The Night Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol.

  • It is believed that Martin Luther was the first person to put lighted candles on his Christmas tree.

  • Olive trees are evergreens that can live for thousands of years. The oldest olive tree resides in Crete at about four thousand years old.

  • Aloe vera is an evergreen perennial.

  • Rosemary is an evergreen and its Latin name, ros marinus, means dew of the sea.


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