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The Christmas Rose

The legend of the Christmas Rose says a young shepherd girl named Madelon tended her sheep on a chill, wintery night when the three wise men passed her on their way to visit the newborn King. Madelon longed to join them, but she knew she had nothing to give the boy. As she wept over her dilemma, her tears splashed to the ground and the roses grew where they fell. She was then able to present them to the child. Another version says an angel had compassion on her and touched the ground, springing forth the flowers for her to give to the baby.

Latin name: Helleborus

Fun Facts:

  • This flower is not a rose, but is actually closely related to buttercups.

  • Its common names are the Christmas Rose, Snow Rose, Oracle Flower or the Lenten Rose. It is called the Lenten Rose because it blooms during Lent.

  • In the Middle Ages, it was used to poison arrow tips due to its toxicity.


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