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Benefits of Plants

Did you know that plants not only lift your spirits by being something lovely to look at, but they also improve your mental health? We all lead crazy, busy lives and deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, pressure and exhaustion. When you spend time outdoors, it improves many aspects of mental health. Here are some ways plants can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Reduces Stress

Enjoying time out in nature reduces stress. Studies have shown that it speeds up how fast you recover from mental fatigue, slows heart rate and anxiety and reduces blood pressure. All that by just sitting outside! And we're just getting started!

Decreases Depression

Spending time outside elevates mood and decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. Maybe next time you're feeling down, instead of turning on the tv, try taking a walk in a wooded area or sitting outside in your garden. You may be surprised at how much it helps!

Improves Memory

Consider taking walks outdoors on a hiking trail, somewhere you won't be surrounded by cars and buildings. This improves your focus and concentration, helping you recall things more easily. Nature also lessens the symptoms of dementia by lowering their aggressive behavior and improving their cognitive abilities.

Boosts Creativity

If you're not feeling creative (have writer's block, caught on a specific area of a drawing, unsure of a background to put behind a design or anything where you're stuck creatively), try going outside for a while and spend some time in the fresh air. This improves creativity, mood and a sense of vitality.

Increases Quality of Life

Over all, people who spent time outdoors reported being more positive, hopeful, comforted, relaxed, happier and simply satisfied with life.

All that sounds great, doesn't it? We all want less stress and depression and better memory, creativity and quality of life! All it takes is some time spent out in nature. In fact, we can help you with this! If you can't relax in your backyard because of how messy or unmaintained it is, call us! We can design, install and maintain a beautiful space or garden for you to relax and recharge in.


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