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Containers: Thinking Outside The Bed

Creative Landscaping is partnering with Crescent Garden, an upscale supplier of beautiful, durable and practical containers and many other gardening supplies. Our search for high-quality planting containers brought us to Crescent Garden. We are offering a wide variety of colors and styles including self-watering containers. Crescent Garden self- watering planters may be the solution for those who cannot water daily, travel, or have a second home. Check out this video that shows you how they work.

There are so many places to use a container. When placed at your front door, it creates a welcoming entryway, bringing nature right up to your doorstep. Careful positioning in the garden benefits as a textural element. The best part is that you can plant anything in a planter as long as there's plenty of water supported by the self-watering feature. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with whatever pot you choose. Potted plants and patio trees can turn a “blah” area into an intimate setting. A splash of color in a window box filled with flowers can take a harsh wall and make it warm and inviting.

Containers can provide design options for all four seasons. We would love to help you discover how they can dress up your space all year long.

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