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Ambrogio L250 Elite S+

Ambrogio L250 Elite S+


For large mowing areas, this robotic mower is a must. Ambrogio L250i Elite S+ is the ideal candidate to bring efficiency and convenience to your mowing experience. Offering 7 consecutive hours of runtime, as well as a quiet motor that drives a 4-point blade with a diameter of 11.4 inches. Programmed to give a precise cut between 1.0 – 2.8 inches in height. Rubberized rear wheels protect the cutting surface.


  • About the L250 Elite S+

    Working area

    1.25 acres



    Perimeter wire




  • Special Features

    • Navigation with ZCS Connect module
    • 4-point star blade with a diameter of 11.4 inches
    • High performance brushless motors
    • Smart Assistant in APP
    • Up to 8 cutting areas including the main one
  • Contact Us

    Contact our team to set up your personalized maintance plan and delivery.




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