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Ambrogio Elite 4.36

Ambrogio Elite 4.36


The 4.36 Elite robot is equipped with a 14.2 inch blade, a very powerful battery, and is capable of working on relatively large areas. When fitted with the Ultra Premium Power Unit, the robot can even manage lawns up to 1.5 acres, working continuously for over 4 hours.

Ambrogio 4.36 has a touchscreen display and is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for remote management, including via voice assistants. It can also be teamed up (+InfinitySystem) with additional Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers to work on even larger areas.

  • About the Elite 4.36

    Working area

    1.48 acres



    Perimeter wire



    Automatic - Contact

  • Special Features

    • 14.2 inch stainless steel blade for a wide, clean cut
    • Powerful batteries for mowing power and long work cycles
    • Large rubber wheels for more grip and traction, even on upward slopes
    • Easy-to-use touch display and motorized blade adjustment
    • Remote management and control via APP using Bluetooth & GSM
    • Tonte par satellite à haute précision
    • Compatible with team working mode
    • Self-cleaning blade and underbody
    • Handles uneven terrain thanks to central articulated joint
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