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Which Water Feature is Right for You?

A water feature can add a lot to your yard. It can be a peaceful centerpiece for your garden or a place to exercise and enjoy. There are several types of water spaces to choose from so we compiled a list of different features available to help you decide which one is right for you.


Most every kid wants to have a pool in their backyard while they're growing up. They can be a fun and healthy way to spend time outside in the fresh air instead of staring at a screen and create great family memories. There are a multitude of shapes and sizes to choose from and we can help guide you in the design process and build the perfect pool for you.


Ponds are another viable option to consider. There are fish ponds, ornamental ponds, or even swimming ponds. Swimming ponds are a growing trend that can be a safer, more natural version of swimming pools since they do not use the chemicals, like chlorine, that pools need. They also lend a relaxing atmosphere to your yard. We would love to design and install a pond for you as well as help you maintain it.


If you're not a big swimmer but you still love being in the water, a spa might be the choice for you. It is a great way to relax in the evening, even on chilly, winter nights. Or, if you have kids who love to swim, you could have both a spa and a pool so you can soak in the warmth while your kids swim. Creative Landscaping can source spas for projects if needed and we can help you find the perfect fit for your yard.


Fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Fountains can be installed in your pond to keep the water moving and reduce mosquito or bacteria growth, or you can have a self-contained fountain. These can be relaxing, tiered "spillways" or the traditional high reaching fountains. Aquascapes is a well-known brand in the water feature industry and Creative has the distinction of being an Aquascapes certified contractor, so let us know if we can help.

Are you ready to have a water feature as a centerpiece for your yard? Let us know and we can help you in the installation process. Also, if you're overwhelmed with the maintenance of a water space you already have, we can assist in that area as well. Creative Landscaping is your partner for designing, building, and maintaining your water feature. Call our office to learn more!


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