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The Added Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Spring 2019 Installation : Patio, Walkways, Lighting, Planting

If you have ever tried tackling your own landscape design you might have been overwhelmed by all the choices that need to be made. From plant selection to boulder placement; scheduling deliveries of bulk materials and of course the many hours required to actually install all of your beautiful new additions. With all the moving pieces that comes with home DIY projects, it can be easy to forget some pieces to the puzzle that will ultimately give you the most compete package. One of these components that is often forgotten is landscape lighting.

The addition of outdoor lighting, whether you choose a combination of all the available light styles or simply a spotlight on a favorite specimen tree, can quickly and efficiently increase your usage of the site. Strategically placed uplights, downlights, floods, wall lights, or path lights will make you and your guests feel cozy and welcome well past sunset. Additionally, since many homeowners retreat back inside after it gets dark, adding landscaping lights to your property will literally cast your home, landscape beds, trees, or hardscaping in a new light.

By adding outdoor lighting you will increase your home's

  • Appearance - The obvious benefit to lighting up your outdoors is the enhancement of your home's look

  • Functionality - Use after dark becomes a whole new experience

  • Safety and Security - A well lit property is key to any home security system

  • Extended Décor - Using lighting as another way to accentuate your home and landscape's uniqueness

No matter if you are starting from scratch, have already started your landscaping, or have an existing landscape lighting system that needs updating, Creative Landscaping can create the plan for a yard you love to use!

To best take advantage of this often overthought element to landscape design, give us a call or email today to begin the conversation on how to utilize your property no matter the time of day.

Photo source : FX Luminaire


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