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A Little Planning Today will Bring Cozy Evenings Tomorrow

Fire pit on patio

A Secluded Retreat Along the Shores of Lake Michigan- Patio, Fire Pit, Retaining Wall, and Stepping Stones

Welcome the Dog Days of Summer!

As we continue to celebrate the latter days of summer, I am reminded of the fast approaching fall season with each back to school commercial I see. Because, while the days are still long and sunny and the nights are humid and full of fireflies, I know that in just 30 days the seasons will once again swing around and the cooler autumn temperatures will be here before we know it.


I can not think of a more enjoyable fall evening activity than sitting around my own private, backyard fire pit roasting marshmallows and telling stories with my family. While it may feel like there is little time left this summer to plan and install your very own fire pit and patio, now is actually the perfect time to take action! The typical time from starting your design to the final day of installation is two to three weeks! Incorporating a fire pit into almost any backyard landscape is easy to do.

Not only does a new fire pit or fire place provide you with a fantastic reason to get outside, it adds to your home’s value and increases the aesthetics of your yard. When including a fire pit into your landscape plan, you have a few primary types from which to choose. You’ll need to think about how you plan to use it and what is important to you and your family so you can select one right for you.


The design and install teams at Creative Landscaping are very familiar working with both natural stone as well as a stone composite such as those from our preferred brands, Unilock, Rosetta, and Teco-Block. There are pros and cons to each type of material that your landscape designer will be able to explain to you and advise which product would work best for your unique application on site.

The wood-burning fire pit

Wood-burning fire pit on patio

Do you like the full experience of building and enjoying a wood-fueled fire? If so, you will want to have a traditional fire pit installed so you can fill it with Michigan hardwoods. The crackle that accompanies the glow of leaping flames coupled with the scent of maple, ash, oak, and cherry makes an evening in your backyard feel like a trip to the woods.

The natural gas fire pit

If you love a backyard fire but hate the fuss of starting one and cleaning up after it, or don’t have convenient access to firewood, then consider a natural gas fire pit for warmth and ease. No ash or smoke is produced and lighting it is as easy as flipping a switch. The size of the flame can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Our team at Creative Landscaping can show you the various styles and functional types of fire pits available and help you select one that best meets your needs. Contact us online or call us at 269-471-1356 for a consultation appointment and to get started on your new outdoor living space.


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