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Luxurious Lawn Makeover

August is the best time to seed your yard and it is also right around the corner. Are you wanting to fill in the dead spots in your yard? You may not be as ready as you think. There are a few things you need to do before getting started.

1) First, you need to raise low tree limbs. This helps the seeds to get under the tree instead of leaving an empty patch from low-hanging branches blocking the seeds.

2) Second, any sprinkler heads need to be flagged. The last thing you want is to run over your sprinklers. Also, the sprinkler system need to be inspected. You will want to make sure the sprinklers are still in good condition to water your new grass seeds.

3) Third, you will want to remove any tree stumps. Grass will not grow over these and it will leave more dead spaces.

4) Finally, if you aren't already, get on a professional and regular weed and feed program. Your grass will love you for it and your neighbors will as well.

Once you have checked these off your list, you are ready to seed your lawn! This will restore your confidence in your yard and you will no longer need to worry about empty patches.

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