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The Gift of Family Fun

Why outdoor entertainment is good for the whole family

Remember when you were a kid and perhaps playing ball in the backyard was an every-day summertime experience? Or a game of Capture-the-Flag before dinner? Space for

backyard play makes sense for multiple reasons. Too many of us find ourselves wrapped up in emails, texting, or for the kids-video games. We’re losing out on outdoor fun. Why not recapture the fun by creating space in your own backyard?

Scott Cohen, a contributing writer for Landscaping Network writes, “Backyard games are a great way for the whole family to unwind and get exercise without adding a new lesson, activity, or sport to the already busy household schedule. Simply adding the right outdoor space for the games you love will encourage your family to come out and play.” Begin by brainstorming a list of outdoor games you and your family would like to play.

Illuminate the Night: Landscape Lighting

And don’t forget to add landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting will not only keep you safe but will extend your family time well after the sun goes down.

Your Growing Family: Benefits of a Design

A well-organized game space allows for consideration of what to do with this space as the kids grow. Perhaps the playhouse area becomes the teen’s bocce ball court or toddler’s sandbox becomes the adult’s spa.

It’s time to reclaim family fun! What can you do with your outdoor space?

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