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The Missing Link: How Adding Ambient Lighting Unites Your Outdoor Living Space

Landscape lighting is often the last landscaping feature considered and the first to be omitted from any new installation. However, adding ambient lighting not

only adds safety to your new outdoor living space but allows you to extend your evening enjoying it. Safety, along with the ability to use outdoor spaces after dark are two main reasons designers recommend adding lighting to the plan.

Safety is the first consideration of homeowners when discussing outdoor lighting. While there may be obvious spaces to illuminate-stairs, porches, paths, driveways-where else in your yard might you spend additional

time if adequate lighting was installed? Would you be able to utilize the side of your wrap-around porch? What about the corner patio where you might enjoy dine al fresco if lighting was added?

While adding outdoor lighting is easier to install during the overall landscaping installation phase, low-voltage lighting can certainly be added to any existing landscaping. So whether you're considering upgrading an existing system or making a new investment, you cannot go wrong with adding a little ambient lighting to your already beautiful outdoor space.

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