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The Comfort of Fire Features

On a chilly evening, there are few things more inviting than a roaring fire. We are fascinated with fire and the flickering flames can be mesmerizing. Our ancestors used it for warmth, protection, and cooking. Thousands of years later, because of modern electric, lighting and cooking facilities, fire has become a comfort rather than a necessity in our developed world. Let’s take a look at ways to bring that comfort into our outdoor living area.

There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect feature. Wood or gas? Portable or stationary? What size fits the area while leaving room for seating?

While choosing your fire feature, keep in mind that wood is less expensive and the ambiance of the crackling fire is peaceful and unhurried. However, consider that smoke and errant embers are not safe for a small area. Natural gas or propane allows you to control the size of the flames and the ignition is much easier, but the ignition will need to be replaced over time.

Fire Pits can be above ground, at ground level, or below ground. Above ground is the safest as you are less likely to step into it. They are available in different shapes and made with a variety of materials so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Fire Bowls are typically portable, smaller, and lighter weight. They are made for wood, propane, and natural gas. Because they are self-contained, usually they are able to “get around” most regulations of pits or fireplaces. Most can be used for grilling.

Fire Columns are stylish and slim. They take less room than a bowl which is perfect for a small area. Because they are stone or wood, they look very natural.

Fireplaces produce high heat and open flames that are safely surrounded and also tidy. These are typically the most expensive option but also bring the most increase in your home’s value.

The perfect fire feature will create a relaxing outdoor haven when you let your great taste guide you!

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