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`Jacob Cline' Bee Balm

`Jacob Cline' Bee Balm

SKU: LMN28185293

Monarda didyma `Jacob Cline'

A favorite of both gardeners and pollinators alike. This vibrant plant grows to a height of about three to four feet and has a spread of two to three feet, making it a great addition to flower beds, borders, and cottage gardens. Jacob Cline bee balm thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, and will bloom from mid-to-late summer, adding a burst of color to the garden. With its ability to attract hummingbirds and resist mildew, this pollinator-friendly perennial is a must-have for any garden.

(Photo Courtesy of Hortech Inc.)

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  • Characteristics

    Zones: 4 to 9

    Height: 3-4 ft

    Width: 1-2 ft

    Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Sun

  • Availability

    Available end of April for pickup or delivery.

  • Delivery & Installation Options- Call for details

    Delivery: We can deliver if you are 30 miles from our location in St. Joseph, MI!  Contact our team for details.

    Installation: Let us do the dirty work! Contact our team for details.

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