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Honeylocust 'Sunburst'

Honeylocust 'Sunburst'


The 'Sunburst' Honeylocust is a deciduous tree with a rounded, spreading crown and ascending branches. It is thornless and seedless; indistinct greenish flowers appear in late spring. The fern-like appearance casts a dappled shade with bright yellow foliage that fades into a rich green in the summer. It prefers well-draining soil and can withstand low levels of drought. The unique foliage makes it a perfect stand-alone tree in any size garden. 

(Photo Credit: NetPS Plant Finder)



Zone(s): 4 to 7

Height: 35 to 45 ft

Spread: 30 to 40 ft

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-draining 

Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer

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